Quality Services


We supply the best quality bee ready beehives for personal and commercial projects.


We will remove bees ethically. After the removal, the bees will be rehomed, unless you want to keep the bees in which case we ca supply you with a hive and necessary accessories.


If you have crops in need of pollination look no further. As we will manage the hives and move them around all the fields to ensure your crops are all reached.

Beehive History

Beehives have been around for centuries in different shapes, designs, and sizes. It wasn’t until the Langstroth design that the beehive actually became standardized. There are still many different types of beehives in use across the world.

The beehive made beekeeping manageable as before the advent of the beehive. Bee colonies would be raided for their golden liquid and usually, the colony would be destroyed in the process. This created the need for a manageable method to keep bees, transport them, and harvest honey from them without causing damage or destruction to the bee colony.