About Us

Honey Comb

How We Got Started

Established in 2019, Mnandi Agricultural Services is growing fast with our hives been bought and used across Mpumalanga and Gauteng Province. We do multiple safe reallocations of bees every week. 

All of this was started from farming honey on a small plot in Mnandi for more than 10 years. Doing so we got tired of using low-quality hives and having to replace them so often. After producing our own hives we had a lot of questions regarding our quality and decided to share the product with other fellow be enthusiasts. 

This is a business born out of love and passion for a hobby, being the reason why we produce such great quality and services in Beehive Construction, Pollination, and Bee Removal and Bee Reallocation

Our Mission

  • To allow bee enthusiasts to gain access to the best high-quality beehives they can get their hands on.
  • To help farmers with their crop pollination to make sure that every flower bears fruit.
  • To safely remove and reallocate bees to a new home where they are no threat, but can still do their much-needed job of pollination.

Our Products

All Products and services are done with the expectation of delivering the best services and quality products you could get. Mnandi Agricultural Services is registered with SABIO and DWAFF

Bee Hive

Beehive Construction

Production of the best quality Hives you can find.



Crop/Plantation Pollination with Bee’s 


Bee Removal and Reallocation

Safely Removing and Reallocation Bee Hives to a new environments.